Let me be the first to welcome you to my awesome website.

If you've been directed here by me or a colleague, thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. This space is my attempt to create a casual environment where visitors can learn more about me both professionally and personally.

I enjoy making new friends and learning new skills, it's what defines who I am.

Working in Software QA has been the highlight of my career at Huge. I enjoy the ability to directly the affect the product in a constructive way while providing insight into what the customer is likely to experience with our product.

I love learning new things. At my last job I increased my skills in programming by learning HTML, CSS, php, and MySQL to build an internal website for my company's support team to use.

At my current job I've been able to become a more independent tester. I've also been exposed to various automation frameworks help to make testing more efficient.




Critical Thinking

JIRA & Confluence

Microsoft Office

Instruction and Teaching


MySQL and php

Android and iOS

Camp Sunshine

Camp Counselor

I’ve been a camp counselor at Camp Sunshine for the past 13 summers. It’s one of my favorite things I do throughout the year.

Possible Mobile

QA Analyst

  • Manually test mobile apps and TV connected devices using exploratory testing techniques. Testing generally focused on function, design, and accessibility.

Huge, Inc.

QA Analyst

  • Manually test websites, mobile apps and other device driven software using exploratory testing techniques. Testing generally focused on function, design, and accessibility.
  • Managed project workflow schemes and users as JIRA administrator.
  • Organized and facilitated catalog test devices for entire office.
  • Drafted project test plans, user acceptance test plans, and additional documentation
  • Exposed to during automation test efforts on various projects.

Vonage Business Solutions

Software QA Engineer

  • Work in agile environment performing scripted and exploratory testing alongside developers
  • Create test plans, write and update test cases for new and existing products using JIRA, Confluence, and qTest
  • Conducted mobile testing on Android
  • Performed as Lead QA for Dell Mobile Workspace project
  • Provided on-site consultation with Dell’s QA team in Austin, TX

Product Testing | Sales Engineer

  • Investigate emerging customer issues and provide a clear path of resolution
  • Provide QA for testing phone and networking hardware with our platform
  • Provide pre-sales technical assistance and product education, and after-sales support services.
  • Create documentation for use by other departments including marketing materials and the customer facing support website.


Team Supervisor | Senior Technical Support

  • Supervised and directed technical support representatives to help them best support customers.
  • Provided an immediate path of escalation to help resolve on-going issues.
  • Used SalesForce to document resolutions for future reference both internally and externally
  • Created documentation for use by customers and other technical support reps
  • Trained new employees

Technical Support

  • Configured phone services for business class customers.
  • Provided troubleshooting for SIP based VOIP issues in a customer facing support role.
  • Utilized WireShark to diagnose advanced registration issues
  • Provided troubleshooting for VOIP issues in a customer facing support role.
  • Resolved escalated customer support issues and provide solutions for our customers.
  • Acted as a Tier 3 support for a competitor hosted VOIP company acquired in 2011

Georgia Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Chalk Artists Guild

Georgia Chalk Artists Guild

Co-Founder & Co-President

DREAM Rescue

DREAM Rescue

Foster dachshunds for DREAM Rescue

Power Up Piedmont

Power Up Piedmont

A workout in the park that I run with my Fiancee Jessi

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine

Camp Counselor for children who have been affected by cancer.



Whether it's through commuting or cyclocross I enjoy being on my bike.



Hiking in Yosemite

Jun 2nd, 2017

Hosting a Chalk Festival

Pop-up Chalk Festival is a highlight of the year and it it happens more than once. I organize the resources of the GA Chalk Artists Guild and partner with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition as an activity partner for every Atlanta Streets Alive event. While at the event we host a space that allows volunteer artists… read more

Apr 11th, 2015

Puppy Power

We foster dogs with DREAM Dachshund Rescue and helping dogs we’ve recovered from shelters to be well socialized is a big part of getting them a adopted into their “forever home”. This year we’ve hosted several dogs whose histories ranged from stray to owner surrender. The dogs had various medical issues which DREAM was able… read more

Feb 21st, 2015

Ephemeral Art

My fiancée and I do a lot in town to keep busy and one of those things includes chalk art. Chalk art is one of those things that seems like a terrible idea at first. You’ll spend all day on the hard pavement drawing with chalk and blending the powder into the ground with your… read more